Here are some drills we will be doing, and you can do at home.
  • Target Practice:  Place a target on a wall, and throw a soft ball or a sock ball against the target
  • Self Toss: Take your glove and a ball, and throw the ball up, and catch it. To challenge yourself, catch it different ways.
  • Stealing second: One girl will be on first, and the rest on the field. Either a parent or batter will be hitting the ball to the field. The girl on first will try to steal second, while the girls on the field will be trying to get her out.
  • Soft toss: A parent or other girl will sit or stand across from a batter. The will softly toss a ball up into the air. The batter must wait until the ball is in the right position to swing. This drill can be used up against the fence, or in the batters box.
  • Taking a Lead; A girl will be on a base(usually first), and the pitcher or parent will do a windup. The girl on the base will take about 5 to 6 steps off the base to get a lead. If there is a batter in the box, the runner will watch the ball to see if it is hit, if it is caught, or if it goes behind the catcher. If the ball is hit or behind the catcher the runner will take off to second

  • Helmet on the Bucket:  A helmet is on a softball bucket, and you will be divided in into teams. One team is on the second base line and the other in the short-stop line. Each team must throw a softball at the helmet. If the Team knocks off the helmet it is 5 points if they hit the bucket it is 2 points. Which ever team has 10 points first wins.
  • Around the Bases:  Everyone will be set up on the field. A parent or player will hit or throw the ball somewhere on the field. You must get the ball to 1st then short then 2nd then 3rd then home.
    • Later on we can have a runner, or a hitter to make it more challenging.
  • Running relay: Two teams will be set up. One at second base, and one at home. You will run full speed, rounding the bases, all the way until you reach your line again and tag the next person in your line. The 1st team to finish wins.
  • Hit and Run: You will be in the batters box, and either someone will be pitching to you or someone will be soft tossing to you. After you hit twice, the third time you hit the ball you will run to first as hard as you can to try to beat the ball. Fielders will try to get you out at first so run and hard as you can.