This page is to help you improve your form in sliding, batting and throwing.
First run full speed toward the bag. About 5 feet from the bag, curl one of your legs under the other to make a figure 4. Lean back, but not too far, and put one of your arms back. Leave the other arm in the air. Once you hit the base, either stay there until you are called safe, or do a pop up slide.
Heres a fun way to learn how to slide comfortably:

Begin with your legs about shoulder width apart. Bend both your legs slightly so they do not lock. If it is comfortable keep your weight on your back foot. First, start by taking a small step towards the pitcher with your front foot. Next, bring your elbows, slightly cocked, with your hips until your front arm is straight your hips are turned and your bat is over the plate and meets the ball. Lastly bend your front arm, and bring the bat around until it meets your shoulder that is facing the pitcher.
To hit inside keep both your elbows bent and bring your back elbow in with your side. Try to keep your swing level, but if it points down a little thats okay. After hitting finish and take off.
To hit outside you need to extend your arms out faster than in the strike box. Beware of sticking your butt out and bending to reach the ball. After hitting roll your wrists to bring your arms around and finish.
First step with your glove hand foot, and bring your arm to a 90 degree angle behind your head. Bring your arm over the top of your shoulder and release at your chin. Lastly finish by bringing your arm across your body.

To catch the ball, position your glove in front of you. If the ball is above your waist, flip it up with the fingers pointing towards the sky, if it is below your waist, widen you stance, and get in front of the ball with your glove down with your fingers in the dirt.